Editor Program Guidelines

This page details all existing guidelines for valid weekly contributions by our Editors at ResearchHub.

This minimum set of requirements is intended to give some base guidance for editors. In addition, it will help ensure that editors maintain a level of quality and consistency and ensure everyone is aligned with the long-term success of ResearchHub. Each editor will need to meet these requirements to maintain standing as a ResearchHub Editor. These are intended to be a baseline whereby the ResearchHub community can still have the flexibility to perform other tasks they feel will be beneficial to their hub.

Current requirements (last updated on October 1st, 2022)

  • Post 1 bounty (500 RSC reward)

    • Create a bounty for other users and editors to complete. Try to make the bounty reasonably specific and accessible. Include necessary instructions. Interact with users asking questions about your bounties and accept accurate proposed answers when they are posted.

    • You will be reimbursed 500 RSC a week for creating these bounties

    • Example - Tyler’s bounty

  • Complete 1 bounty

    • Post an “answer” to one of the bounties available on RH. If there are no current bounties that fit your expertise - please make it known in the RH Discord

    • Example - Elliott’s answer

  • Post 1 summary of a paper you uploaded

    • A summary doesn’t need to be lengthy, but it is highly encouraged to include images or videos to make the summary more accessible and appealing

    • Example - Krishna’s summary


Editors will be sent a notification email if they are inactive for a week. If editors do not fulfill their minimum requirement the subsequent week as well, they will be removed from editor roles and responsibilities and will need to re-apply if they seek to be reinstated.

Disclaimer: These rules are contingent on an editor not personally reaching out to clarify a need to be temporarily removed for extraneous reasons.

Requirement updates

Expect occasional changes in the requirements moving forward as ResearchHub will experiment with activities that yield the most benefit to the community and the growth of the platform. Please check the #editors-general channel on RH Discord for announcements on the requirements changes. Updates will be discussed during the monthly editor meeting (see RH community calendar) - recording of these meetings can be found on the RH YouTube channel.

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