Mission, Vision, Values

The why, what, and how of ResearchHub
A testimonial from the ResearchHub Foundation

Our mission

To accelerate the pace of scientific research.

Our vision

We are a community of people who understand that the world needs a new way to go about creating and disseminating scientific knowledge. We envision a modern infrastructure for academia that:
  • Eliminates inefficiencies
  • Lowers barriers to participation in scientific research
  • Uses evidence-based incentives which encourage collaboration
  • Emphasizes the universal communication of science to all audiences

Our values

In order accomplish our mission and realize this vision, the ResearchHub team will be guided by the following values:
🔬 Always act in the best interest of the scientific community
  • Create opportunities around the globe
  • Expand access and education
  • Promote validity and reproducibility
  • Accelerate scientific progress
🤔 Seek truth
  • Skepticism is a virtue
  • Focus on evidence-based research
  • Avoid subjective content (opinion pieces, press releases, etc.)
  • Focus on the mission, don’t engage in social or political activism
🧠 Self-awareness
  • Be mindful of the incentives created by $RSC
  • Understand our own biases - as individuals and as an organization
  • Be flexible and keep an open mind when forming opinions or making decisions
🌍 Freedom and responsibility
  • Top talent in every seat
  • Perpetuate freedom + trust in team members to move quickly and make the best decisions
  • Emphasize personal accountability
🚀 Be bold and learn from your mistakes
  • Follow your heart and pursue the opportunities you believe in
  • Do not be afraid to take calculated risks
  • If a bet fails, try to learn why it failed and openly share your new insight with the entire team
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