How to share academic content on ResearchHub

On ResearchHub, users can earn RSC by sharing various kinds of scientific content.

To get started, head to the top right portion of ResearchHub's homepage, click on the +New button, and decide what kind of content you would like to post!

Academic papers

The primary form of content shared on ResearchHub is academic papers. These can be both previously published peer-reviewed research, or preprints shared to online repositories like ArXiv or BioRxiv.

Anyone is able to share any scientific paper to ResearchHub. You DO NOT have to be the paper's author in order to post it to our forum.

If you are the author of a paper that has already been shared to ResearchHub, do not worry! You are able to claim authorship of the paper in order to receive the author's portion of the accrued RSC rewards

Scientific questions

Another type of content that can be shared to ResearchHub is a scientific question. Choose this post type if you have a question about the world that you would like to be answered by ResearchHub's community


Meta-studies are a content type that is unique to ResearchHub. Within this type of post, users are able to collaboratively aggregate papers that are relevant to the topic at hand. Our goal is to create a place where anyone can add references that either support or reject a given hypothesis.

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