RSC Distribution Chart

Details about the distribution of ResearchCoin

The total supply of ResearchCoin is 1,000,000,000 tokens, which can always be verified at our Token Tracker page on Etherscan. The tokens may be distributed over a timespan of 12 years according to the following allocation pie chart:

  • 60% distributed to the community and users of ResearchHub, with a maximum emission of 5% per year

  • 20% retained by ResearchHub Technologies, Inc.

  • 10% retained by ResearchHub’s founders

  • 10% reserved for future ResearchHub employees and subject to vesting on an individual basis

$RSC tokens may be distributed to ResearchHub users and to the ResearchHub Foundation. The emissions going toward ResearchHub users may be regulated by the platform reward algorithm, that is subject to be dynamically adjusted over time via Research Improvement Proposals (RIPs) being passed by the ResearchHub Foundation and voted by token holders.

The ResearchHub Foundation may receive tokens based a predetermined schedule, for a maximum emission of 1% per year. This allocation may be used to compensate the ResearchHub Foundation representatives and contributors through our Dework page.

In the future, the ResearchHub community may vote to inflate the $RSC supply for any of these groups, or adjust $RSC allocations. For instance, the community could refill the user or employee pools if they are running low. Alternatively, ResearchHub could allocate tokens to a new pool, such as for a foundation or grant-making organization.

Therefore, the above allocations may experience dilution as the ResearchHub community decides to increase the supply of $RSC or re-allocate $RSC over time.

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