Content Guidelines

ResearchHub is a platform designed for rigorous scientific discourse helping accelerate the pace of science. Thus, we are striving to maintain a standard of moderation, not only for content type, but also for rigor and quality.

Researchers, largely, do not have the bandwidth to sort through low information density, which is addressed by moderation and StackOverflow/Reddit-style upvoting mechanisms where users can sort by social scores on content.

To help maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio for content posted to ResearchHub, users should follow these guidelines:

Encouraged Content

  • Civil, truth-seeking comments (skepticism is a virtue).

  • Posing scientific questions.

  • Engaging in scientific discourse (e.g. offering suggestions and constructive feedback).

  • Properly attributing and linking to relevant work.

  • Providing feedback on written work (pre-print and peer-reviewed).

  • Providing expertise-related context.

  • Hosting science-related competitions.

  • Creating scientific surveys (including through the use of linking trustworthy external sites).

  • Submitting newly generated data.

  • Requesting consulting or academic services.

  • Proposing a study/experiment to be funded by the community.

  • Educating others (can be focused on other DeSci Projects, topics you have mastery over, etc).

  • Creating bounties with a descriptive and attainable completion task.

Prohibited Content

  • Rude, abusive, disparaging, or inflammatory remarks to other users; not respectful of community members.

  • Not Constructive - Does not move the conversation forward productively or re-iterates existing knowledge e.g. “Thanks,” “I agree,” “+1,” posting off-topic comments.

  • Low-quality content - quality is unreasonably low, lacks scientific rigor, or contains glaring issues.

  • Spam - Exists only to promote a product or service.

  • AI-generated content - content that is >10% from AI-generated sources without giving attribution.

  • Participating in upvote rings meant to exploit the value of ResearchHub.

  • Posting memes on the ResearchHub website. (This can be done on the Discord)

  • Plagiarism - Copied work or ideas of another without citation, which includes uploading PDFs of copyrighted material.

  • Non-English - Currently only English publications and comments are allowed, to build a unified platform.

  • Impersonation - Impersonating another academic/individual, or attempting to verify yourself as someone else.

  • Social or political activism - The mission of ResearchHub is to accelerate the pace of science, not spread ideologies

*The list above is not exhaustive. Prohibited content may result in temporary flagging or permanent banning from ResearchHub at the discretion of the Community Moderation team.

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