What is ResearchCoin

An overview of RSC

ResearchCoin (RSC) is a reward token anyone can earn by sharing, curating, and discussing academic science within ResearchHub. The number of RSC earned for any given action is proportional to how valuable the community perceives that action to be. Within ResearchHub, RSC is used to properly recognize and reward users who help create value within our community, and in doing so, bring the scientific community together.


  • Token name: ResearchCoin

  • Token symbol: RSC

  • Token type: ERC-20

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 RSC

  • Initial circulating supply: 7.5mm RSC

  • Maximum rate at which community circulating supply will increase: 50mm RSC per year

Why include a token?

ResearchCoin empowers the people who dedicate their time & energy to building ResearchHub with additional influence over the type of content created within our community. People can use the RSC they earn to:

  • Incentivize content creation with RSC bounties

  • Tip the content they find valuable by supporting with RSC

  • Vote on key decisions for the community (for example, we may ask the community to help decide whether a hub should be added or removed)

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