Hubs in lieu of Journals

Traditionally, academic publishing has been under the jurisdiction of a set of oligopoly publishers (i.e. Springer, Elsevier, Wiley etc). Each of these large publishers can have thousands of journals, each covering various topics of science and academia. ResearchHub has created Hubs in lieu of journals, and allows for a streamlined and open publishing of scientific or academic content directly into these hubs. This removes the gatekeeping process of traditional publishing and allows information dissemination to be expedited and then peer reviewed post-publication. Initially, we pre-seeded our Hubs by using OpenAlex concept tags. This means that any OpenAlex concept is automatically added to ResearchHub as it's own unique Hub. New Hubs can be added by both moderators and editors. If you would like to request that ResearchHub adds a new Hub, please send a message to Over time, we will decentralize the ability to edit existing Hubs and create new Hubs to the top 2% of Researchhub users based upon their REP score.

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