Peer review

How to peer review the content on ResearchHub

Every type of post on ResearchHub is able to be peer reviewed. To do so, simply click the dropdown menu within the discussion section and choose the peer review content type.

Once selected, you will be prompted to leave a numerical + qualitative review adressing the quality of a variety of aspects of the given paper.

  • Overall - please share your overall impressions of the paper.

  • Impact - is the research question innovative? Do the study's findings advance the authors' field in a meaningful way?

  • Methods - does the study design test the authors' hypothesis? Are the methods described in enough detail for independent replication?

  • Results - were the study's finding analyzed and interpreted reasonably? Is the resulting data open and auditable?

  • Discussion - do the results support the authors' conclusions? Are there any alternative interpretations of the study's findings that the authors should have considered?

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