Incentives, Terms, and Conditions

In order to be considered for a Journal Partnership, an organization must meet the following requirements. Last updated 01/11/2023.

Terms and Conditions:

The following outlines the Terms and Conditions for ResearchHub's Journal Partnership Program (Beta).

  1. Non-Journal Partnership Program Incentive: The Journal will earn a reward in RSC on each of the papers uploaded on ResearchHub depending on the amount of upvotes that publication receives (Finder’s fee).

  2. Non-Journal Partnership Program Incentive: The Journal is entitled to earn additional RSC from the ResearchHub Referral Program. By referring users, such as the authors that published with the Journal, the Journal account will earn 7% of the amount of RSC the referred user receives for 6 months. This also applies to any earnings related to answering Bounties.

  3. Journal Partnership Program Incentive: Once accepted in the Journal Partnership Program, the Journal will have a personalized badge on its profile that shows a “VERIFIED” status.

  4. Journal Partnership Program Incentive: The Journal would be able to earn additional RSC (1.5X Multiplier) on any content stemming from the journal. The Journal will also be allowed to receive 2 free Peer Reviews per month from the ResearchHub Network of Editors and Reviewers.

Summary Table:

Journal Account (Non-verified)

Journal Account (Verified)

Earn RSC on upvotes on any uploaded content

Earn 7% RSC on any referred users earnings for 6 months

Verified badge

1.5X Multiplier on any earned RSC

ResearchHub subsidized bounty for 2 Peer Reviews per month

Disclaimer: ResearchHub has the right to modify the terms of the “Journal Partner Program” or terminate the program or if a particular journal breaks the terms of use of the ResearchHub platform may also be terminated from the program or platform

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